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Spuds And Bros offer authentic Canadian Poutine In Yorkshire.

We cater for indoor and outdoor events, festivals, special occasions, weddings and corporate events. If you wish to book us for your next event, please get in touch.

Our menu is forever changing, but usually it contains a Veggie, Vegan and Meaty option with our most popular product being the famous Cluck Norris. However be rest assured that all of our gravy and freshly cut chips are gluten free and we have both beef & veggie/vegan gravy. We cook our chips in vegetable oil and we cater for a vast number of people with different dietary requirements. If you have any further questions, please do drop us an email .

The Traditional Poutine

Traditional poutine, lamb mergues (Tunisian), pomegranate & garnished with parsley

Contains: Mustard, Gluten, Celery, Dairy

The Vegan Delight Poutine

Traditional poutine, veggyness kebab gyros strips, halloumi cheese, crispy onions, fresh tomato, cucumber & sour cream with chives

Contains: Mustard, Gluten, Soya, Celery

The Cluck Norris

Traditional Poutine, Chicken, Bacon, Halloumi, Crispy Onions , Chives & Baconaise.

Contains mustard, egg, celery and dairy.

The Vegan One Poutine

Traditional poutine with vegan cheese, vegan sharwama strips, crispy onion, fresh tomato, cucumber & vegan sour cream with chives

Contains: Mustard, Gluten, Soya, Celery

Soft Drinks

Selection of soft drinks:

Diet Coke
Rio Tropical
Still Water


Craving some poutine? Find our up to date pop up locations on our Instagram page or drop us an email.